UIn the western part of Serbia, in the district of Mačva,there is a region called Azbukovica. Small town Ljubovija is loacated on the right bank of river Drina.

Ljubovija has 17000 inhabitants located in an area of 356 square kilometers, surrounded by mountain ranges called Jagodnja, Medvednik and Sokolik.

It is a mountainous region. During spring and summer there are many sunny days with good rainfall. Winters are very severe, temperatures are very low and there is a lot of snow. The countryside, air, water and soil are free from pollution since modern industry does not exist in these surroundings.

Around the vicinity of Ljubovija, in the territory of an ecologically clean Azbukovica, there are traces of ancient civilizations, cultural and historical monuments bearing testimony to former times.

The most interesting of all is the town „Soko“ and a monastery of the same name which stands in an ancient location and represents a direct link between past and present. This monastery was built in memory of Saint Nikolaj Serbian.


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