Latin name: Rubus fruticosus

Varieties: Cacanka and Thorn free

Cultivated blackberry in Serbia is of a high quality. The most important plant among berry like fruits after raspberry and strawberry is cultivated blackberry. The production of cultivated blackberry should be increased: There is such a tendency for this since there is a demand among the European markets and also thanks to the production of new high-quality varieties: without thorns.

Cultivated blackberry is a bush with a horizontally placed root. The root has branches which could be as long as 1 to 3 meters. They are partly in the earth and partly climbing around other branches. The plant has a lot of slender, long, curved branches covered with thorns. Leaves in the form of a palm consist of 3, 4 or 5 petals. It blooms in bouquets. Flowers are white or light rose and give the appearance of roses. It grows very often in large groups in the forest, in clear areas, in reddish soil, amongst bushes, by the fields, and also on unfertile land.

Healing characteristics: Leaves of cultivated blackberry can be used for producing medicine against diarrhoea and bloody diarrhoea. It is recommended as a tea which should be drunk for long periods of time – it is beneficial for the stomach, especially if it bleeds, intestinal inflammation and chronic irritation of caecum. Tea which is made from leaves of cultivated blackberry is good for the blood: it reduces or cures rashes, lichen and other skin problems. Tea which is made from the dried and chopped root part is used as a cure for watery illnesses. Blackberry fruit induces relaxation when suffering from insomnia.


blaberry plants

blaberry plants


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blackberry jam

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blackberry block

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