The very essence and integrity of our organic project is in the beautiful mountainous natural farming regions surrounding our factory in Ljubovija.

List of our certified organic products: raspberry, blackberry, sour cherry, plum

“Zadrugar” has harnessed this natural farming potential by implementing a carefully structured organic system plan for the farming, collecting, processing-freezing, handling and export of frozen berry fruits. The farming community is an integral and vital component of our success and we have a fully integrated educational organic program involving on-site training, field control, an agricultural consultancy service to the organic grower groups as well as full traceability procedures. The strong relationship between the factory and the farming community has existed for a few decades years and it is this mutual dependency, trust and transparency which has enabled us to achieve organic certification for the export of: EC 834/2007 NOP CFR rule # 7


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About us

“Zadrugar” d.o.o. was founded in 1990 in Ljubovija. The company is engaged in purchasing, freezing and processing of all berrylike fruits.

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